Capturing on Film the Beautiful and Dangerous Wildlife of Asia: Corey Wild—The Wild Man Downunder


“My name is Corey Wild. I spent my childhood years growing up in the Flinders Rangers (Central South Australia) where I developed a passion for wildlife and the natural world. For as long as I can remember the bush was my backyard and I love it!

Back then I made a special connection with the land simply because every chance I had I was out in the wilderness, exploring it and growing up in a small mining town in the middle of nowhere allowed me to have an amazing amount of freedom. Our walkabouts began Fridays after school and ended early Monday mornings back in time for school.

Naturally for me as I grew older I longed for further adventure so I traveled my way throughout the land finding myself in Northern Australia (Crocodile Country).

Working in various Wildlife Parks, Crocodile farms and Zoos over the years I traveled from Darwin to tropical northern Queensland working with all kinds of different wildlife species in many areas from volunteering in the field with crocodile management also wildlife rescue and relocation, working in wildlife parks performing animal husbandry ,animal presentations and my specialty Crocodile Attack Shows.

They were all truly great times with some wild experiences, since then we have made the journey overseas into the next Adventure traveling and capturing on film the beautiful and dangerous wildlife of Asia and other parts of the world which we hope to bring into your lounge room. Thanks for watching…”


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May 16, 2013 · 11:54 pm

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