Freedom House—Educating Children of Refugees & Indigenous People in Thailand


Freedom House’s mission is to provide opportunities for displaced peoples that have slipped through the cracks of society; living almost invisibly around us. They are Refugees from war torn countries, Indigenous People who have been denied basic human rights and those who are impoverished and crushed by their societies’ demands. We educate, train, nurture and inspire them to make the most of their circumstances in life by showing them how to locate and use the resources available to them, within themselves and their communities.


To shed light on the plight of refugees from Burma and Indigenous People from Thailand by providing community and international education about their situation.

To locate and share resources through a network for information about education, health care, job training, Refugee registration and basic housing for Refugees and Indigenous People in Thailand.

To run a language program dedicated to creating dual literacy in our target population. They are taught how to read and write in the national language of their country of residence; Thailand (Thai) and also English to further their chances of getting a job and extending their education in the future.

Language Projects:

The Freedom House on-site language school educates kids who live in construction camps and have no access to public education because of their illegal refugee status. They have no I.D. card or registration for this country or any other; they are truly displaced by the turmoil in their own country, Burma and have come to Thailand for more opportunities. Their parents work in the construction industry of Chiang Mai, toiling for 12 hours a day in the tropical heat of Thailand while the children stay at the camp (literally lean-to shacks made from salvaged materials) and take care of each other, including the babies. These children may have a chance to go to a free temple school in the future but not if they do not speak/read/write the national language; Thai. Our most important goal is to teach them fluency in Thai and then as a further incentive we teach them English. There are many opportunities in the rapidly growing tourism industry of Thailand and SE Asia and learning English could be a great advantage for them.


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May 16, 2013 · 8:45 pm

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