Dutch Swing College Band at Silverlake Vineyard—Pattaya, Thailand

During World War II, the Nazis banned jazz music in the Netherlands. Several youngsters wanted to preserve this music against all odds. They practiced secretly, copied illegal radio broadcasts and were determined to found a school for jazz music when the war was over: the Swing College. On Liberation Day, May 5th 1945, the Orchestra of the Dutch Swing College had its first public performance. Their members gave lectures, organized jazz meetings and started to teach jazz music. The name soon changed into Dutch Swing College Band. In 1960 the DSCBand (leading the field of traditional jazz in the Netherlands) became professional, won innumerable prizes and still performs successfully worldwide to this day.

Text Courtesy of http://www.dscband.nl


The beautifully located Silverlake Winery in Pattaya, Thailand is such a popular attraction and one of the most requested by visitors with an interest in Thailand’s New Hemisphere Wines. Throughout the year, tourists and those dedicated to the study and pleasure of wine are welcomed to explore the winery and vineyard.

Thailand Wine Tours will be pleased to arrange your visit to the Silverlake Winery as part of a more comprehensive holiday based around the wines of Thailand or as a pleasant diversion for those holidaying in this tropical paradise and looking for something different. Pattaya is a great place to visit and even more so with the addition of this attraction.

Spectacular views are a certainty with the Khao Chi Chan reservoir as a backdrop and there is little more beautiful than the lake at sunset. The owner of the Silverlake Winery is one of Thailand’s ex-leading actresses, Supansa Nuangphirom; she was inspired to establish this winery after a visit to the vineyards and wineries of the United State. When she returned to Thailand she found the perfect spot that she says she chose for its idyllic location, growing conditions and proximity to the reservoir.

The benefits of being an actress with a vineyard is that unique marketing opportunities come along and the Silverlake Winery featured in a television series named “Soot Saneha”. As a result of the TV series, the Silverlake Winery is a popular destination for Thai travellers as well as international ones.

More than just a winery in a beautiful area, Silverlake’s idyllic setting provides opportunities for visitors to enjoy the wine and grapes, a tour of the facilities, journey on a horse-drawn carriage or even atop an Elephant! Products available from Silverlake include wine, grape juices, grape jam, grape jelly, raisins and more. There’s even a food court for visitors that is right opposite the winery, where food can be purchased or picnics enjoyed.

Test courtesy of http://www.thailand-wine-tours.com/vineyards-and-wineries/silverlake-winery/



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