Run for the Border! Thailand Visa Run Adventures—Part 1 of 2—Pattaya to Mukdahan

Part 1—Pattaya to Mukdahan

In part 1 of his two-part visa run series (a day trip to a border somewhere to obtain a visa extension), Rod travels by bus from Pattaya to Mukdahan, Thailand, by bus.

About Roong Reuang Coach (Mukdahan) Co. Ltd.

“Roong Reuang Coach (Mukdahan) Co.,Ltd. commenced its first day of fixed route bus operation on the 5th of March 2005 on Route 815 Mukdahan-Pattaya. The route was permitted by the Department of Land Transportation(DLT), a division of the Ministry of Transportation with objectives to 1) Connect transportation of the people residing in the middle and the bottom areas of the Northeast and the East of Thailand for both work and tourism purposes; 2) Promote tourism industry of the Northeast and the East especially the provinces of Mukdahan, Umnatcharoen, Yasothon, and Pattaya City; 3) Ease the transportation of people for no longer making many transfers before reaching final destinations therefore saving both time and costs.

After six months of operations, we saw the same needs of the people in the vicinities such as Roi-et and Buriram so we separated the route to be 1) Mukdahan-Yasothon-Surin-Pattaya (Original route) and 2) Mukdahan-Roiet-Buriram-Pattaya.

In early 2007, we extended the route for another 70 kilometers from Pattaya to end at Rayong province, another important industrial city that needs workforce from the Northeast. Thereon, the route 815 was renamed Mukdahan-Rayong.

In October 2009, we were the first to run long-distant bus business that connects the East and the South under the route 393 Rayong-Koh Samui. The route also covers important cities including Pattaya, Chonburi, Hua Hin, Chumporn, and Surattani. The following year, route 831 Mukdahan-Hua Hin was introduced to connect our base areas in the northeast and the ever-growing tourist towns of Cha-um and Hua Hin. In May 2011, we offered another convenient route of 785 Phuket-Hua Hin targeting mainly for tourists transfer.”

Roong Reuang Coach (Mukdahan) Co. Ltd.

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May 17, 2013 · 1:55 am

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