Thai Cats (Rescued) on a Hot Tin Roof


“Since moving to Pattaya over we have been helping sick and abandoned cats and kittens. We need your help to find some of these beautiful cats new, loving homes.

We have over 24 cats and kittens at our home at the moment and many more available… There is a wide variety to choose from, old and young, male and female, in many different colors. Some are pure breeds and some just plain old Thai moggies!!

All the cats shown are available absolutely free of charge—all we ask is that you give them the loving home that they deserve. We can arrange for neutering and vaccinations if required (most cats are already neutered).

We are happy for you to take a cat on a trial basis, if after a time things are not working out we will gladly take it back from you.

We have found that if you do not have a cat already it is good to adopt two together, as they are happier with a friend and keep themselves occupied by playing together. They are also more fun to watch!!

Please remember it is a serious undertaking to adopt a cat, as they can live for many years and need regular check-ups at the pet hospital. Also, annual vaccinations are essential in Thailand to keep your cat safe from disease. You will also have regular food and cat litter bills, litter trays, toys etc. to pay for. So, if after all this, you still want to offer a home to one of our guys (or if you would like to help us in any way) please contact us from our web site linked below.

Please remember for us this is our hobby, but our time is precious and we cannot afford to have people waste it. The cats that we care for take up a lot of time with vet visits, cleaning, grooming and maintaining medication regimes.

Many thanks for your support,

Paul and Sandra


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May 17, 2013 · 1:14 am

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